Wrist Bands and Brochures Available

Right now we still have the two color wrist bands available for a limited time. These high quality bands utilize a combination of  the distinctive ACCOI logo colors cobalt blue and astobrite yellow. These can be used to help raise awareness of ACC, provide a connection point for new ACC patients, and provide donated funds for the ACCOI organization. The lettering says “ADENOID CYSTIC CARCINOMA” on the front and WWW.ACCOI.ORG on the back. The lettering is debossed so it will not wear off, smear or fade.

They are available in three sizes:                                                        Wrist Bands Small

SMALL Approximately 7 inches circumference

MEDIUM Approximately 7-1/2 inches circumference

LARGE Approximately 8 inches circumference


They can be obtained for a donation of $3.00 each for a quantity of 1 to 9, and $2.00 each for 10 or more. The donation amount covers the cost of packaging and postage as well.

To order: Mail a check made out to ACCOI for a total for the quantity you would like to order, and provide a note that provides your name, US postal return mailing address, the size or sizes for the wrist bands, the total quantity being ordered, and the total donation.

 Mail your written order and check to: ACCOI PO Box 936  Lake Forest, California 92630

Do you have any questions? Just send us a message at [email protected].


We have brochures available as well!Brochure Picture 300



If you would like to request a quantity of our high quality, 3-fold printed brochures to provide to a medical center or physician who sees ACC patients, or if you want to send them out as part of a fund raising or awareness campaign, just contact us with your request and we will provide these to you at no cost as long as they support the purpose of the ACCOI and ACCRF.

Email your request to mailto:  [email protected]



The brochure is also available in a .jepg (picture) format which you can download and have printed in two pages. The front printing and the back printing.