New Ways to Connect with ACC Patients and Supporters

We have several ways that you can connect with other ACC patients and supporters. Over 1000 survivors enjoy the simplicity of an email based “chat room” like our long standing Online Support group, while others prefer a website based  spot like Facebook. Both of them provide opportunities for developing helpful relationships. Take a look and see what would best fit your needs.


Our Long Standing ACCOI Online Support Group

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You can join our ACCOI Online Support Group, which is a group of over 1000 ACC survivors and caregivers from all over the world. This group began in July of 2000 and through the years the members have used this email messaging “chat room” as a comfortable connection point. Members send and receive messages with their personal email service and  can ask questions, provide answers, supply encouragement, and share their personal discoveries and stories. This group is moderated, which means the posted messages are first reviewed by a moderator to assure messages going out to the members are in keeping within the guidelines, which include building supportive relationships, asking relevant questions, participation in open discussions, and providing helpful information to the members. Spam, inappropriate messages and advertising are never allowed to be posted to the members.



ACCOI Facebook

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For those who are already linked with family and friends using Facebook, we have an ACCOI Facebook page which is another way to reach out to ACC survivors and supporters.

To find our page Click here