Want to volunteer?  Let us know if you would like to volunteer in any of the areas listed below by contacting us at [email protected] 

1.  Website Information Analyst

  • Assists in updating website content and graphics; identifying and evaluating improvement options, maintaining links, introducing new technology, monitoring performance and results 
  • Maintains site appearance by developing and maintaining content and display standards
  • Maximizes site navigation by organizing website pages/content to maximize information for end users. 

2.  ACCOI Newsletter Correspondent

  • Create a bi-annual newsletter to be published on various social media outlets such as the ACCOI website, Facebook, private discussion groups and email.  Topics to include patient stories, upcoming events/fundraisers, clinical trials, volunteer opportunities and more.
3.  Host an ACC Survivor Gathering in your city/state/country
  • Work with an ACCOI board member to organize a survivor meeting in your city giving others the opportunity to meet another ACC survivor.  Assist in locating a comfortable location/room for others to share their experiences, treatments, doctors and more.  Help facilitate the daily agenda, meet and greet, arrange refreshments with the help of  an ACCOI representative. Participate in the ACCOI discussion group to announce the logistics of a survivor gathering, create an invite list of participants as well as communicate any changes or follow-up items.