Treatment Options and Choices for ACC

Overview for Treating ACC

The most common and most utilized treatment options for dealing with ACC are surgical resection of the identified tumor and radiation therapy. At this point in time no single chemotherapy treatment plan has shown itself to be effective for any significant number of ACC patients, though some patients have had limited success with a few types of chemo and in clinical trials. Depending upon the size and location of their tumors, some patients will choose surgery alone, some choose radiation treatment alone, and many have a combination of surgery followed up with radiation.


Treatment Options

On the navigation bar on the left  are categories of treatment options for dealing with ACC. These include more in-depth information for radiation, treating lung mets and diagnostic imaging since these areas have many choices involved.


Locating a Physician

One of the more important decisions for a new patient is choosing a physician that they trust, and ideally locating a physician who has knowledge and experience treating ACC within their area of specialty. For many ACC patients this can involve having several physicians on their team such as an ENT surgeon, oncologist and radiation oncologist.

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