Phone Contact

ACCOI is an all-volunteer group of people who either have experienced ACC themselves or care for a loved one with ACC. Many members with specific experiences and different language skills offer to call you back answering your questions and discussing your concerns, or they will find somebody who can. We are happy to talk to you, and you will find not only great knowledge but also meet the rare people with the same disease. Please remember that you can also sign up for our free and very lively forum, where you will meet the same people and possibly already find many of your questions answered.

Toll free Patient Support Line  (888) 223-7983.

This is a toll-free number if you call from the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and US Virgin Islands.. If you call from another country please be aware that your provider may charge for the call.
You will be greeted by a voice mail recording asking you to leave your name, number at which a volunteer can call you back, and preferable language(s). If you have a very specific topic we will seek to find somebody with a respective background.

As most of our volunteers work or somebody with the language or skills you require will have your message forwarded to him/her please allow up to 48 hours for being called back.

As donations to ACCOI pay for the phone system we appreciate if you leave a fixed line number, especially if you live in Europe. If you wish to assist ACCOI simply offer to return the volunteer’s call after having made the first contact, or in the case you like to talk repeatedly to volunteers.

Please be aware that volunteers are not medical authorities. For medical advice always check with your physician.