Patient Support Services

On-line Support Group

We offer several ways for ACC patients and supporters to connect with others online. These include an email based moderated Online Support Group with 1,000+ members and a Facebook page. For links to join and connect with others. 


A list of Frequently Asked Questions with answers is available. 

Phone Support

A toll free ACC Patient Support Line at 1-888-223-7983 for any ACC patients who would like to speak with another ACC survivor to get questions answered. Additional information is available.

Physicians List

ACCOI and our partners ACCRF have combined efforts to provide a list of physicians who have treated ACC patients. This Physician's List is continually updated, and can be used as a starting point in locating a physician who has had some experience with ACC. 

Newly Diagnosed?

A special section on our web site to help newly diagnosed patients.   

Regional Gatherings

Annual regional gatherings of ACC patients in the US and Europe that are organized to provide ACC patients the chance to meet others dealing with this rare disease.


National organizations providing insurance information and resources. 

Legal Concerns

National organization providing legal advice concerning disability, health care, and estate planning. 

Recommended Books

Reading materials recommended by other Survivor/Fighters of ACC. 


Note: PDF files require a viewer to use so we provide a link for a free download of Adobe Reader. Click here.

Other Support


Links to additional websites offering information/help for Survivor/Fighters of cancer.