ACC Published Medical Reports

Below are some of the retrospective medical reports, studies and articles that provide a more broad view of ACC as reported by medical professionals.



MD Anderson Study  A hallmark medical report from MD Anderson Oncology Center in Houston Texas which is a retrospective study of 160 ACC patients who were treated and followed for results. This particular review highlighted the medical evidence for there being at least two types of ACC in terms of rate of growth, with one being a more normal, slower growing type, and a second one being a more aggressive, faster growing type.



UCSF ACC Prognostic Factors  A retrospective study of 140 ACC patients treated with surgery and/or radiation treatment as reported by the University of California San Francisco.



UVA Article
  An overview of ACC from the University of Virginia Medical Center where Dr. Moskaluk and Dr. Friersen have been conducting research into molecular structures and pathways for ACC since the late 1990's.



Dr. Bradley, Nottingham England Report
  A comprehensive overview of ACC history and treatments, authored by Dr. Patrick Bradley, an ENT surgeon from Nottingham, England who is also listed on our list of physicians who have experience treating ACC.



Baylor University Conference Report
   A overview of ACC as presented by Dr. Cecelia Tran at a medical conference at Baylor University in Houston, Texas



NCI Head and Neck Cancer Patient Resource Article  An NCI published article for Head and Neck Cancer Patients that provides some overview perspective for dealing with head and neck cancer and treatments, which helps put ACC into a more broad perspective.


114 Studies for Chemotherapy and ACC   A retrospective review of 114 published medical studies for using chemotherapy and molecular targeted drug treatments for ACC. The overall conclusions reported were that results were varied, inconclusive and generally poor. The duration of objective results in combination therapies was short, usually lasting only months.