Chemotherapy treatments for ACC

Are there any drugs that have worked for other ACC patients?

Are there any promising clinical trials for ACC patients?

What are the different types of chemotherapies and drugs available?

Are there any chemotherapy drugs available that have worked for any ACC patients?

As of 2014, there are no chemotherapy treatments available that have proven to stop ACC and put it into remission for all patients. Some drugs have worked for a few patients in slowing down the growth, and even causing some shrinkage to tumors for a year or so, but nothing has worked to actually cure the disease or put it into remission long term.

Are there any clinical trials for ACC patients?

A document available on the ACCRF website,  "A Guide to Systemic Therapy for ACC" provides context and detailed information on clinical trials for patients and physicians dealing with this progressive disease. It covers information about both past and current clinical trials as well as the scientific advances that are laying the groundwork for future success.

What are the different types of chemotherapies and drugs available?

A few ACCOI patients have seen some success with the drugs Vorinostat and Dovitinib during clinical trials. Although there are Doctors that can prescribe off-label chemotherapies for cancer, in the United States there maybe a problem getting an insurance company to cover the treatment. Patients and their doctors may have to appeal. There is data that they may use from the ASCO abstract to buttress their case: . Accessing Dovitinib will be much more difficult. It is not approved for any indication yet, so it cannot be prescribed off-label as with Vorinostat. In Europe, this may not be as much of a problem. Since these drugs have been approved in many European countries. More concrete, Vinorelbine/SAHA is approved in Switzerland for non-small cell bronchial carcinoma and mamma tumors, see .