2003 Gatherings

Mid West gathering 2003

Midwest Gathering on ACC Awareness Day - April 12, 2003

Wanda and Bill, Connie, Leah, Mary, Jean and Kathy

We consider this quite an accomplishment in that members are not only from Minnesota but the states of

Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Kansas.

January 2003 Northwest USA





We had a group of 15 people (pictured above) - 7 of us with ACC (pictured below). The gathering was purposely very informal and meant to be an opportunity to get to know others and share our ACC experiences. We can access studies, reports and volumes of information with our available resources. The ACC web site and group posts are fabulous and invaluable to say the least, but what it does not provide us is human contact.


From top left to right: Carolyn Hiestand, Bill Friendrich, Dan Dube', Stan Dunham. Bottom: Jennifer Matthews, Julie Paredes, Sherri McEwen


Dan Dube'


Dan Dube', Jackie Rossier, Chuck Rossier, Julie Paredes

NorthWest Lunch Meeting, May 30, 2003


Gilda's Club, Seattle

Our loosely organized NW ACC group had thier 5th annual bi-annual meeting on May 31st in Seattle at the Gilda's Club cancer support center. We have been getting together for the past two years, with our fist meeting anniversary coming up this August. Over this past year we have lost several members to ACC and we have also gained a few members who have discovered there are folks in this area. We acknowledged the loss of Rosemary Wells, Sharon Roper and Gary Schrek, and soon after our meeting Sherri McEwan from Vancouver BC also left this world for a better place. We also continue to find great support in the many smaller meetings that take place all year long and the close personal relationships that have developed as we reach out to one another and make time to help. Our group is made up primarily of people who are also part of the ACCOI on-line group and we continue to contact and stay in touch with others as well. We post this picture and our story as an encouragement to others to do the same and stay involved with those ACC folks who you can possibly see, touch and support. Our group consists of 21 ACC survivors from Washington, Oregon state and British Columbia. Here are the names of the folks that you will see in the picture with a * after each ACC survivor:

Bottom row, seated or kneeling going left to right: Larry Harrington*, Val (friend of Jennifer), Joylee Pentz*, Roz Mintz*, Jennifer Matthews*, Denise Dunham, Danara Stewart*, Jule Paredes*. Back row, standing, left to right: Dan Dube'*, Dawn Dube', Jim Pentz, Barb McNeil (friend of Lisa), Lisa Detlor*, Julie Detlor (Lisa's Mom), Kimberly Gronsdah*, Brian Gronsdahl, Stan Dunham*, Tim Hiestand, Carolyn Heistand*, Marnie Tamaki (Danara's Mom), and Daniel Paredes. Not pictured: Joseph Singer (son of Bernice (Mintz) Singer*- who lives in Israel.

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