2002 Gatherings

Northeast Barbeque 2002

2002 NE Gatherings 1

Bobbie Clyne and Bill Hamme

2002 NE Gatherings 2

John and Libby Fitzgerald

2002 NE Gatherings 3

From bottom left (partially hidden) Roz Sharon, Libby Fitzgerald, Mary Kay McGrain, Bobie Clyne, Jackie Rossier, standing behind Jackie are Ron Sharon and Donna McGary, Sue Vogel and Dan Sheingold, and the lady in the hat is Anita Zioczower's mother. 

2002 NE Gatherings 4

Marie Harden (NORD rep), Dan Sheingold, Jean Campbell (NORD rep), Roz and Ron Sharon

2002 NE Gatherings 5

Botton right to left (backs to camera - Jackie Rossier, Sue Vogel and Dan Sheingold), Chuck Rossier, Maria Harden, Jean Campbell, Anita Zioczower, Sharon Klein, Roz Sharon 

New Year's Day 2002 SW Get Together

Denise, Pru and Bobbie  

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2002 New Year SW