Join Our ACCOI Yahoo Online Support Group

You can join our ACCOI Yahoo Online Support Group, which is a group of over 1000 ACC survivors and caregivers from all over the world who ask questions, produce answers, share encouragement, provide hope and share personal discoveries using email as a connection point. This group is a moderated email chat room, which means the messages sent to the group are first reviewed by a moderator and only passed along to the members if they are in keeping within the guidelines for building supportive relationships and providing helpful information to the members. Spam, inappropriate messages and advertising are never allowed to be posted to the members.


To join the group first log onto our Yahoo group website:

Instructions for entering your profile information:

When you go to the Yahoo website, click the “Join This Group!”  button on the right side. You are asked to create a Yahoo user name (as an example, it might look something like [email protected]), create your own password, provide your personal email address where you want to receive email from the group, choose if you want a daily digest of all messages consolidated into one message or individual messages each sent separately, and then submit that information. *NOTE: Be sure you write down the Yahoo user name and password you created in case you want to log back into the ACCOI Yahoo website in the future to change your profile or make any updates.

What to expect:

The number of messages sent to the members can vary, but you can expect to normally receive anywhere from 2 to 10 email messages a day and about 200 messages a month from the group members. Some people just read and learn from the messages posted, and many post questions and answers and comments when a subject is of interest to them.  We encourage people to use the wisdom contained in an old adage, "Take what you like and leave the rest."

To post messages to the group:

Once you join the group, you can post a message, ask questions, share information and respond to questions posted by others by simply addressing your message to the group email address shown below. To make that real easy to do, just add this address into your personal address book in your mail browser.

[email protected]

Guidelines for keeping messages appropriate

The guidelines we ask everyone to follow are to make your messages relevant to ACC, and make your words and issues supportive and appropriate in the choice of words used. We encourage members to share their own personal perspectives regardless of those held by others and sharing differing views is always acceptable as long as they do not contain personal attacks towards others. A soft guideline is to only share messages that would be encouraging, or informative for other members. If you want to send another members a personal word of encouragement, send that directly to them at their personal email address rather than the whole group. Because all messages are reviewed by the moderator prior to being sent to the group, these guidelines are maintained fairly well with a bit of room for leniency.

Prayer Group

We have a group of volunteers who pray weekly for those who submit requests. Our Prayer Group Coordinator Bev Moon is the recipient of these submitted prayer requests and she sends out weekly updates to the people who are part of this prayer support group. If you are interested in joining the prayer group to pray for others, or if you wish to submit a prayer request yourself, just post a message to the group, or you can send an email message directly to Bev our coordinator at her personal email address: [email protected].

To unsubscribe to the group:

At any point if you decide you would like to unsubscribe to the group, it is very easy to do so. Every message to the group that you receive has several links at the bottom of the message, with one of them being a link to unsubscribe.

[email protected]m

Changes to your preferences

If you wish to change how you receive mail, make changes to your profile, update your email address or other items, you can login to the home page and log in using your user name and password to make those changes.