Our Purpose and Mission

The purpose of ACCOI is to create a worldwide community of ACC patients and supporters who share information, support and hope while working together to help develop a cure for ACC. 

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Jeff and Marnie 180

ACCOI is proud to consider ourselves supporters of ACCRF(Adenoid Cycstic Carcinoma Research Foundation).  We work in collaboration with all they do.  Frustrated at the lack of ongoing ACC research, Marnie and her husband Jeff Kaufman formed ACCRF in 2005.

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2016: Connect with other ACC Survivors and Supporters

Pix Compujter lady 127wOver the years many ACC survivors have found our 1000+ member ACCOI Yahoo Online support group to be helpful in connecting with others. 

We also have an ACCOI FaceBook page for family and friends to connect with other ACC survivors.  

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News & Updates

  • 8/15 - 10th annual Attack ACC event near Chicago

    Attack ACC Foundation invites you to our 10th...

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  • 3/20 - 9th Annual European Gathring

    The 9th ACCOI European gathering in SEBES -...

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  • 3/20 - Dental Questions Answered!

    Tom Curry, President of ACCOI hosted a Web...

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